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  Hello and welcome to YOU SCOD18 ! SCOD18 Networking Pvt Ltd the only BECIL certified MSO in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai  
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Features & Benefits

 Digital TV Viewing Experience
DVD like Picture & Sound Quality – The exceptional quality of picture and sound of a Digital Cable ensures unmatched picture quality with Stereo sound. A TV experience where every detail is seen and every whisper is heard. Uninterrupted signals even during bad weather. What's more, 200+ channels at no extra cost!
User friendly programme guide – A convenient way to find your programme from a list and select your channel. For further assistance in channel selection, the programme synopsis is displayed alongside.

Reminder – Set alerts for your favourite programme and never miss your programme. Set a reminder for a programme and a message is displayed on screen reminder of the programme that you wanted to watch.

Favourite Settings – Helps you to create a group of favourite channels that you watch the most and allows to tune in to them instantly. Make groups with upto 80 channels each.

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Parental Control – Manage what your children watch. You can set up age limits for watching programmes and also block entire channels. Set your password and have control over viewing. When the parental control feature is ON, the locked programs cannot be viewed unless the password is known.

Mosaic – View multiple channels on a single screen. Tune instantly to the channel where the action is.
Multilingual Audio Selection – Helps you select your preferred audio language from the options given in the channel.
Audio Channel – Listen to radio with CD quality stereo sound. Access the Audio services cusing the 'Radio' Key on your remote.
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